dinsdag 19 februari 2019

Interview met DJ She-Ra

DJ She-Ra, geboren in Australië, woont al enige tijd in Londen en is al meer dan 15 jaar actief DJ. Ze is de eerste en wellicht enige vrouwelijke synthwave DJ in de wereld. Met al heel wat dj-sets op haar palmares is het dus tijd om meer over haar te weten te komen. Begin van de maand stond ze nog te dj-en in Stockholm en ik ben heel blij en vereerd dat DJ She-Ra tijd had om wat vragen te kunnen beantwoorden.  

DJ She-Ra

Why did you choose to use the name DJ She-Ra?
It was bestowed upon me by a friend many years ago when djing at an 80s club night and I loved it, especially how it denotes that I am female. Having the tagline 'Princess of Power' is a totally rad bonus too!

A couple of weeks ago you played together with VHS Dreams and Oscillian in Stockholm, Sweden. How was it?
It was fantastic!! We broke the attendance record for the club night VHS Vision! 1,000 people came! So many happy, enthusiastic fans inside a really cool space. It was such a honour to play there. We were all really well looked after too. The club has stacks of old chunky TVs as decor playing old VHS video intro clips and patterns throughout the club, as well as old computer games set up to play. The effort put into VHS Vision is so great. Truly made the night extra epic! Got to hang out back stage with Robert Parker who lives near by as well as other cool synthwavers, that's what I love the most about Synthwave, it's so down to earth.

How can you describe the synthwave scene in Sweden?
Well only having been there once for that night it's hard to accurately say, but it seems super healthy, really fun and very creative!

As 2019 just started, which new synthwave artists/groups do we need to keep an eye on this year?
I get most of my tips on who's great right now from my friends awesome radio show 'The Retro Electro Show' on Kiss FM in Melbourne, Australia - Zerotonine, as well as his live mixes from his awesome synthwave night called Laser Highway. Check out his soundcloud here: https://soundcloud.com/cris-zerotonine

What are your favorite synthwave artists/groups?
FM-84, Timecop1983, Gunship, Sung, September85, Client Liaison, NINA, VHS Dreams, Oscillian, Robert Parker, Andy Fox, Nightstop, Knight$, Parallels, Radiowolf, Crockett, Miami Night 1984, Sellorekt/LA Dreams, The Midnight, Dreamfiend, Dana Jean Phoenix, Flash Cassette, ORAX, Dynatron, Daniel Deluxe, Trevor Something, Dan Terminus, Dance With The Dead, Lebrock, and so many more!

Do you have plans to produce your own tracks in the (near) future?
Not in the near future, unless I quit my day job and do a digital sound production course - which I would very much love to do!! But would need some fabulous benefactor to pay my living costs during ;)  hahah! I have tonnes of ideas, but they will wait for another time.

Do you think that 2019 will be the year of synthwave going mainstream?
I hope not! hahah! Oh it's tricky thing. Would be amazing to get more sets, travel to more cities, do more festivals etc. But the mainstream does ruin everything. I like it staying underground. Less egos, more fun!

The last time you performed in The Netherlands was at the Stranger Nights event in Delft in October 2018. When can we expect to see you back in The Netherlands?
Soon as possible I hope! I'd really love to play the Netherlands again. So if any promoters out there read this, get in touch!

Any last words to the Dutch synthwave community?
Keep the dream alive!! Support your local nights, go to all the gigs, share the love!! oh and book me! ;)

En met deze mooie woorden wil ik DJ She-Ra ontzettend bedanken voor haar tijd en bijdrage aan dit interview.

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