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Interview met Dana Jean Phoenix

Deze maand start de Europese toer van Dana Jean Phoenix, de Queen of Synthwave. Landen als Oostenrijk, Duitsland, Verenigd Koninkrijk en Nederland worden in korte tijd aangedaan. Fans kunnen op 20 april Dana Jean Phoenix voor de eerste keer in Amsterdam bewonderen tijdens het ´1984 Night at the Arcade´ event. Ik ben enorm blij en vereerd dat Dana Jean Phoenix, in deze drukke voorbereidende tijd, gelukkig nog wat ruimte had voor een interview. 

This month the European tour of Dana Jean Phoenix, the Queen of Synthwave, starts. Countries such as Austria, Germany, United Kingdom and the Netherlands are visited. On April 20, fans can admire Dana Jean Phoenix for the first time in Amsterdam during the ´1984 Night at the Arcade´ event. I am very happy and honored that Dana Jean Phoenix luckily still had some room for an interview in this busy preparatory time.

Dana Jean Phoenix

Well, first of all thank you very much for your singing on the track Don’t Let Go that you did together with Timecop1983. It is one of my favorite songs and it gave me strength during some difficult times. What inspired you to write the lyrics for the song?
I had just finished my first professional theatre contract when Jordy sent me the song. I realized I wanted to focus on creating original synthwave music. It’s a lot of hard work carving out a path for yourself as an independent artist and ‘Don’t Let Go’ was a mantra for me to not give up and to keep persevering. 3 years later, Timecop1983 and I performed ‘Dreams’ and ‘Don’t Let Go’ live together in Stockholm in an incredible full circle moment.

Can you tell us a bit about your musical background?
I studied jazz music and theatre in college and both really helped me to understand songwriting and putting on a more high-energy show experience. It was touring as a lead singer with Canadian Funk band ‘God Made Me Funky’ that really lit the spark to explore more retro electro sounds in my music.

Coming from Canada, how would you describe the synthwave scene over there?
It’s rad to see the scene grow in Canada. It really cracked open with Electric Youth and Miami Nights 1984. When I opened for Dance With The Dead in Toronto to a packed audience, it really showed me how excited Canadians are to support live synthwave acts. Outland Presents from the UK will be putting on Canada’s first ever Retrowave Festival on July 6 and tickets are selling fast! I’m so stoked to be a part of it along with fellow Canadians Mecha Maiko, Parallels, Michael Oakley, FM Attack and international acts Kalax and Timecop1983.

On Valentine’s Day I read an article on Vehlinggo about the song Now I’m Alive that you did together with Michael Oakley. It is a wonderful synth-ballad that should be played on every radio station. How are the reactions?
The reactions have been amazing. People were ready for an epic powerhouse ballad duet and working with Michael was so much fun.

In April you will do a European tour that will end in Amsterdam on the 20th at the ‘1984 Night at the Arcade’ event. Will this be your first performance in The Netherlands?
Yes, I’m excited to perform in the Netherlands for the first time. I was truly blown away by the energy of European audiences on my first Euro tour last year, and I know that Amsterdam will be next level retro party vibes on this upcoming PixelDust Deluxe Album tour.

Dana Jean Phoenix - PixelDust Tour 2019 Europe

Have you heard of the ‘1984 Night at the Arcade’ events in the Netherlands before?
Of course! Fellow collaborators and synthwave stars Sunglassed Kid, Timecop1983 and Powernerd have rocked the night before. Seeing the first shows on YouTube really inspired me to take the leap to start touring, so I can’t wait to be a part of it.

What can the Dutch crowd expect from your performance?
The crowd can expect a keytar infused high-energy set that will make you dance and bask in the synthy goodness of the PixelDust.

Any last words to the Dutch synthwave community?
Thank you for your ongoing Amazing Support and I can’t wait to rock it with you on April 20th!

I would like to thank Dana Jean Phoenix for this interview and I wish you an amazing European tour!

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