zaterdag 12 oktober 2019

Interview met Castroe

De Amerikaanse producer Castroe speelt al jarenlang een grote rol binnen de synthwave wereld. Zijn muziek brengt hij uit op het Franse Lazerdiscs Records. Kortgeleden is de nieuwe single ¨Virtual Memory¨ uitgekomen. Tijd voor een interview om meer over het huidige en toekomstige werk van deze prachtige producer te weten te komen.

The American producer Castroe has been playing a major role in the synthwave world for years. He releases his music on Lazerdiscs Records from France. Recently the new single "Virtual Memory" has been released. Time for an interview to find out more about the current and future work of this great producer.


Castroe, can you tell us a bit about your background?
I grew up in and currently reside in the U.S. and have been making music for about 5-6 years.

How did you first get into making music?
When I was younger my father introduced me to music through bass guitar and I quickly moved onto an electric guitar.

What is the concept/idea for your latest single ¨Virtual Memory¨?
Virtual reality, being able to exit reality and enter any world you want to is the general concept.

Can you tell us something about your current/future plans?
As of now I have a couple of remixes that are waiting to be released. Working on some collaborations as well. I´m also working hard on my full length that will hopefully be released sometime in 2020. Really excited about that!

For someone like you, who has been involved in the synthwave scene for many years, what do you think about the current state of synthwave and where do you think it will be going?
Even though I´ve been in the scene for a bit, I still feel like a newcomer myself. Even when I came into the scene it was still pretty big. It seems like darksynth is the big player in the scene today in my opinion. With that, there are alot of newcomers to the already saturated scene, so its getting hard to tell anyone apart. That being said, the artists who are constantly changing and adapting their sound to be different will always stand apart from the rest!

What is your favorite horror movie from the 80´s and why?
It´s hard to pick anyone horror film. But I love anything that Carpenter has done obviously. The Lost Boys, Fright Night. Pretty much anything from the era good or bad!

And finally any last words to the (Dutch) synthwave community?
Keep doing what you´re doing. Individuals willing to go out of their way for interviews like this, even for small artists like myself, are what keeps the community alive!

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