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Interview met Evan Seven

Mijn volgende interview is met de Argentijnse synthwave producer Evan Seven. Iemand voor wie ik veel respect heb opgebouwd. Niet alleen vanwege zijn goede muziek, maar vooral zijn positieve instelling in het leven. Ik wens Evan dan ook alle goeds toe en ben hem enorm dankbaar voor dit interview. Lees snel verder en beluister de muziek van Evan Seven!

My next interview is with Argentinian synthwave producer Evan Seven. Someone for whom I have built a lot of respect. Not only because of his good music, but especially his positive attitude in life. I wish Evan all the best and I am very grateful for this interview. Read on and listen to Evan Seven's wonderful music!

Evan Seven

Evan, can you tell us a bit about your background?
I grew up in Buenos Aires, a very musical city. At home, I was surrounded by music. My father is a composer/singer and plays guitar, accordion and percussions. My mother sings very well to. When my father was on tour, my mom and I spend hours listen to all kinds of music. Pop, rock, latin, etc...

How did you first get into making music?
I began as a DJ first. It gave me the opportunity to hear a lot of music. And after years of listening to different genres, I realised that 80´s music is the best. I started making remixes and covers. And later creating my own music. That was almost 20 years ago.

What is the concept/idea for your latest single ¨Labyrinths Of Love¨?
Labyrinths Of Love tells the story of two persons loving each other but who are seperated. One of them is not ready to be in a romantic relationship yet. Scared of what other people would say. But they love each other deeply. So one of them spend days making music. Surrounded by speakers and wires. Using his or her feelings as fuel in order to be as far as possible from the other, until she or he understands that it doesn't matter what people say. The most important thing in the universe is love. Untill that happens, both of them are lost in the labyrinths of love.

Can you tell us something about your current/future plans?
I also make custom music. Which is very fun and keeps it fresh to my ears. It's also helping me further develop myself. You can find the details in the blog of Vera Music Records, my studio.

What hardware/software do you use in your studio?
Making music is not about the amount of equipment that you have. It´s about what you do with it. In the software area, I like Image Line, Sony, Magix, Avid, FabFilter, Waves and Izotope.

What tips can you give to starting synthwave producers?
A - The most important tip that I can give is: follow your heart. No matter what other people say about you or your music. You make music because you feel happy doing it. Don´t let the music makes you different, whith the sole purpose of make your rich and famous. Money will come if you work with your heart, giving the best of you.

B - Keep it simple. A lot of times in music productions I feel that less is more. If you add to many sounds to your track, it will sound confussing and the ``feeling´´ of the track (wich is the most important thing) will disappear.

C - Invest your money in a good pair of speakers. We all love nice ultra HD screens, super comfortable gamer armchairs and a good amount of hardware equipment. But if your speakers don´t give you a realistic reference of whats happening in your production, your tracks will suffer the consequences.

D - Stay clean. You must be healty in order to produce more and better music. If you drink alcohol or use drugs, your done. Some people will say: ¨but when I drink (or get high), my workflow with the music is better¨. Buddy, if you need alcohol or drugs to make music, you chose the wrong direction. Drinking or take drugs to escape your problems, let me tell you something. They won't disappear. On the contrary. It will increase and I know this, very well. Face your problems. Face yourself. Solve your stuff. Then, come back to the studio and make some music.

I am very curious to the synthwave scene in Argentina. What can you tell us about this?
I don't know much about it, but I think that it´s growing. There are several synthwave and chiptune parties. I spend most of the time locked in my studio. I know some good synthwave producers from Argentina. Frank Redux and The Affirmation are great. They produce very good quality music, with a lot of feeling. You'll enjoy their music.

What is your favorite movie from the 80´s and why?
My favorite one is The Breakfast Club. Why? Because it doesn't matter in which neighborhood you live, the style and brand of clothes that you wear or if you have a rich family or not. We have all the same kind of problems. We must face difficulties and overcome hard times. Doesn't matter what your ego tells you.

And finally any last words to the (Dutch) synthwave community?
I send you all my love and gratitude. I'm so happy to be able to share my life in music with all of you. Keep producing synthwave. Keep working on your dreams. Thank you very much dear Sander for taking the time to promote synthwave music and thank you very much for having me. It's a great honor. I love you all. Evan.

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