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Interview met Neontenic

Neontenic is een Italiaanse synthwave producer met een klassiek geschoolde achtergrond. Al enige jaren bezig met het maken van electronische muziek en sinds vorig jaar een serieuze focus op synthwave. Neontenics debuutalbum ¨Synthmonster¨ kwam begin deze maand uit; een spannend outrun album met dikke synthesizer klanken. Tijd voor een interview!

Neontenic is an Italian synthwave producer with a classically trained background. For some years busy making electronic music and since last year a serious focus on synthwave. Neontenics debut album "Synthmonster" was released early this month; an exciting outrun album with thick synthesizer sounds. Time for an interview!


Neontenic, can you tell us a bit about your background?
My musical journey began early. When I was 6 years old I started studying and playing the piano, which I continued for 16 years. After several concerts as a solo pianist and composer, I discovered synthesizers. I started to make electronic music in 2008 for several projects (solo or with others). I did hundreds of live performances throughout Italy and also some releases. In 2018 I decided to turn the page completely, dedicating myself totally to synthwave and assuming the new identity of Neontenic.

Congratulations with your debut album ¨Synthmonster¨. How was it to work on this album?
Thank you! It was all very natural I must say. I had this "synthwave fire" inside that was burning, and in a few weeks I made many tracks. So I worked a lot, making even radical changes and many of these tracks ended up in the record. The almost definitive shape of the album was last August, during a holiday in the Italian mountains, where I brought my laptop and a couple of synths (here I composed Synthmonster’s Symphony).

Can you tell us something about the concept for the album and the amazing story that you have written next to the album?
I honestly don't remember very well how I got the idea of this great "robot", made out of synthesizers. I've been thinking about it since 2017. My biggest influences were Kung Fury and Tetsuo. It's a great mix of my love for synthesizers and cyberpunk. I wrote the actual story a few months ago, when the record was almost finished. Later I modified the tracklist further to adapt to it.

The album ¨Synthmonster¨ had been created with analog synthesizers. Can you tell us something about your music studio and the hardware/software you are using?
I am a collector of synthesizers and drum machines. Over the years I've owned a lot of machines; today I've reduced my setup a lot for practical reasons. I created Synthmonster using mainly Oberheim OB6, Roland TR808, Moog Voyager, Prophet6, Elektron Analog4 and Roland JX8P (this vintage synth is one of the most underrated in the market today; Cody's Laboratory is played only with this synth for example).


Where do you get your creative inspiration when you are making music?
Certainly some movies and series, even recent ones (I loved Altered Carbon), have a great influence when it comes to my imagination. I try to recreate this in music. But to be honest, there are many musicians who inspire me to create new music. For example, one of the reasons that led me to make synthwave music is the first record of Gunship.

I am very curious to the synthwave scene in Italy. What can you tell us about this?
Unfortunately in Italy there isn't a real synthwave scene. And all great artists know this, so none of them visit Italy during their tour. Despite this we have great musicians, such as Vincenzo Salvia, Javarnanda, Alpha88, Simulakrum Lab and Andy Fox. I can tell you that I'm thinking to fill this void by organizing a big event in Northern Italy. But we are still in the early stages...

What is your favorite videogame from the 80/90´s and why?
My favorite video game of that time isn't very retrowave: it's The Secret of Monkey Island. I love all LucasArts games in general. I think there's nothing that transmits me more nostalgia of my childhood.

And finally any last words to the (Dutch) synthwave community?
Sure! I hope to meet you at a synthwave event in your country soon. You have some really good musicians. It would be an honor to meet them on stage or off stage. I was in Amsterdam 2 years ago and I fell in love with the city, so definetely I'll be back as a tourist.

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