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2019: De favoriete releases van Dimi Kaye

Het is december, de laatste maand van het jaar. Nog even en 2020 gaat beginnen. Een mooi tijdstip om terug te kijken op een schitterend jaar vol gave nieuwe synthwave releases. In deze special komen de favoriete releases voorbij van verschillende artiesten. We gaan verder met Dimi Kaye, producer van het geweldige album Not Holding Back.

It´s December, the last month of the year. In a bit, 2020 will begin. A great time to look back on a wonderful year full of cool new synthwave releases. In this item we talk about the favorite 2019 releases of different artists. We go further with Dimi Kaye, producer of the great album Not Holding Back.

Dimi Kay

Hello everyone, I am Dimi Kaye, a synthwave/outrun producer from Greece. 2019 was a great year for synthwave with amazing releases from known and unknown artists. For my list I have choosen artists that did some amazing work and I believe they need to be heard by a bigger audience.

W O L F C L U B - Frontiers
If you love mid-tempo vocal popwave/dreamwave with amazing production you shouldn't miss this release. These guys also remind me of Miami Nights 1984, which is great.

MoTER - Last Train to Synthville
If you know who MoTER is, you worship his music. I characterise it as progressive synthwave, incredibly catchy melodies, the energy is powerful, both in fast tracks (Ayrton) and in mid-tempo. Dig in, thank me later.

Vosto - Rue Jules Verne
I don't think there's someone who does cyberpunk inspired music better than Vosto. His music is melodic and atmospheric with deep production that takes you in the melodies. Plus this album feels like a sci-fi movie soundtrack.

Powernerd - Far from Human
I love guitars with synths and these guys released a totally energetic synthwave/shredwave album with amazing guitar solos and melodic rock vocals. AOR works great with synthwave after all!

Alpha Chrome Yayo - Komorebi
Prolific synthwaver that experiments with sounds and styles to create something pretty magical. This album has an incredible ambient vibe, it makes me feel like I'm in the bottom of the ocean, floating into the unknown and I love it.

Turbo Knight - Navigators
Massive synthwave album by one of the best producers out there. So many elements in this release, each track and song has something new to offer. It's like a film soundtrack, heavy with synths and melodies.

Ollie Wride - Thanks in Advance
Well, one of the best singers and performers out there released his album and people loved it. There's a reason for that. Just press play, this is the closest thing to pop music from the '80s but made in 2019. Incredible work.

That's about it. There are more artists out there that make amazing music, go check them on Spotify playlists, follow them and share their music. Thank you to Sander for inviting me to write this list. See you around everyone, keep supporting synthwave!

Lees hier het interview wat ik dit jaar heb gehouden met Dimi Kaye.

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