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2019: De favoriete releases van Millennium Falck

Het is december, de laatste maand van het jaar. Nog even en 2020 gaat beginnen. Een mooi tijdstip om terug te kijken op een schitterend jaar vol gave nieuwe synthwave releases. In deze special komen de favoriete releases voorbij van verschillende artiesten. We gaan verder met Millennium Falck, mede-oprichter van Helsinki Synth City en geweldige producer.

It´s December, the last month of the year. In a bit, 2020 will begin. A great time to look back on a wonderful year full of cool new synthwave releases. In this item we talk about the favorite 2019 releases of different artists. We go further with Millennium Falck, co-founder of Helsinki Synth City and a rad producer.

Millennium Falck

Favorite songs of 2019

Ace Buchannon - Never Surrender
This song has given me so much strength during this year when it hasn't been easy. It literally has given me the will to overcome difficult situations.

The Motion Epic - The Homecoming Dance
This song is my favourite of the year. I played it around 50 times during my first session when TME's album came out. Dreamy, full of childhood memories and Pat's voice melts everything. Pure bliss and love.

Platforms - Go All Night
Energetic and full of positive vibe. All the sounds, lyrics, melodies are just perfect in this song.

Morgan Willis - C.O.M.A.
Morgan just kills it with this song. Everything is just so pure epicness in this song. Slap bass, high energy drums and the vocals are spot on.

Michael Oakley - Crystal Ships
Oakley has amazing melodies always in his songs. This is my favourite from his latest album + extra bonus for that epic pan flute solo. Bold move.

VVOV - We Belong To The Grave
This song blasts so much energy at you. I'm not always hopeful about the future and that's when I listen to VVOV.

Driver86 (feat. Ocenside85) - Not Like Us
King of Finnish dreamwave nails a perfect lovesong with Oceanside85. Song for solitude.

Levinsky - Sentient Beings
Dreamy outcry for all sentient beings. Levinsky creates a desolate landscape with this song and I always think about whales when I hear the chorus.

Glowline - Glow With Me
If I'd had to bet who is going to be a superstar, it would be Glowline! Superb production, songs that swing like no other and best live performer that I've seen in a long time.

Runaway Droid - Apocalypse Rewired
Bringing the rock element like a true guitar here into the synthwave scene. Runaway Droid has a unique sound that you can always spot.

Kizunaut - Red Driver
Cyberpunk instrumental music that takes your imagination on a trip from the first beat.

Icarus - The Less You Know The Better
Holy hell these vocoder harmonies are so good in Icarus's songs. Total banger for the dance floors.

North Innsbruck - Ghost Of Cydonia
For the dreamers, for the ones who think our world will be a better place one day. This song gives me hope everytime.

Andante - Pieces
My brother from another mother. Andante is my first friend in the synthwave scene and this is a song that has stuck with me.

Fortis Flight - Lost In The City
This is a song that resurrects nostalgia with its beautiful melodies.

Xennon - Flasback To Holly
This one is a classic from Xennon. Upbeat, great choice in chords and vocals are spot on.

M.K. Khan - Days In July
I haven't been to LA ever, but this song creates powerful visions when I close my eyes and play this song. I can imagine cruising down the streest of LA in a rainy night.

Sleen MP - Paris 2097
Futuristic sound from my French buddy Sleen MP. He is just a powerhouse of production and I'm pretty sure he is going to be a big name.

The Less Dead - You Shouldn't Have
This guy will conquer Wembley one day. Stadium filler material.

Czarina - Til The Last Star
Theatrical, massive and a song that should be playing when you leave earth and reach space with your ship on it's voyage to Mars.

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