dinsdag 21 juli 2020

Nieuwe mixes van DJ She-Ra

Afgelopen week bracht DJ She-Ra twee nieuwe mixes uit: Stonehenge 2020 'F*ck The System Party' en DJ She-Ra's July Lockdown Livestream. Geniet van deze eclectische meesterwerkjes!

DJ She-Ra

I was invited to play this virtual festival during lockdown along with many other artists, all streamed live via twitch.tv with video streaming. Hence why you will hear me chatting, doing shout outs to people in the chat room and referencing the video throughout this recording. Basically it sounds like a live radio show recording, I hope you enjoy it! I cover all kinds of music from smooth electronic beats, synthwave, world music from Africa, acid house classics and some cool darker beats. xx

Welcome to my Twitch Livestream recording for July 2020. Recorded live from my room in London, featuring a wide array of delicious tracks from many genres, this mix starts out a lot more chill than my previous sets because I was playing to fans waking up in Melbourne around 8am, while also streaming to fans in London at 11pm. Hope you like it!

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