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Interview met Neontenic

Aankomende vrijdag verschijnt het tweede album ¨Neon Prince¨ van de Italiaanse synthwave producer Neontenic. Net als zijn voorgaande album ¨Synthmonster¨ is dit ook weer een album om van te watertanden. In mijn tweede interview met Neontenic praten we over ¨Neon Prince¨, dit bizarre jaar, Valerio´s favoriete releases van 2020 en de toekomst (die er prachtig en gezegend uitziet voor Neontenic)!

This Friday the second album ¨Neon Prince¨ by the Italian synthwave producer Neontenic will be released. Just like his previous album ¨Synthmonster¨ this is another album to enjoy. In my second interview with Neontenic we talk about "Neon Prince", this crazy year, Valerio's favorite releases of 2020 and the future (which looks beautiful and blessed for Neontenic)! Grazie mille per questa intervista...


Valerio, how are you doing?
Hello! I’m fine thanks. Crazy times, but I’m fine!

Congratulations with your new album ¨Neon Prince¨! I love the vibe of this album. It´s kind of dark but very melodic and emotional. What can you tell us about the concept of ¨Neon Prince¨?
Thank you. This new album has a story behind it, like for my previous album ¨Synthmonster¨. ¨Neon Prince¨ is heavily inspired by my trip to Japan of 2019. We are in Tokyo of 2085, and it tells about Kazuhiko, a photographer in love with neon lights and dark atmospheres. He’s a ¨night shooter¨, the insider term for cyberpunk photographer. During the New Year's Eve of 2085, while he was in Shinjuku taking pictures, he suddenly discovered that he had an incredible power...that would take him, despite himself, to face a solitary adventure in space. More details coming soon!

Neon Prince van Neontenic

Last year you debuted with the album ¨Synthmonster¨. On a production level, what things did you do different this time comparing it to your first album?
While with ¨Synthmonster¨ I wanted to pay homage the ´80s, the analog synths, the synthwave music, in ¨Neon Prince¨ my aim was to recreate a darker atmosphere, with a ¨club¨ cyberpunk mood. Beats are more punchy and I took some ideas from dub techno music. My friend Guido Affini, the sound engineer, was perfect for this.

What track(s) are you most proud of on ¨Neon Prince¨?
Well, I’m proud especially of the collaboration tracks, it was very fun to create music with friends. But above all I’d choose Crystal Hope. I have composed many tracks for piano, but this is one of the ones I liked the most. There is also a very important meaning behind it: I composed it in March, during lockdown. We all had hopes of getting out of it. And on top of that, my girlfriend and I were trying to have a baby. And our hope, after months, was fulfilled: in March I will be a dad of a little man, and I still can't believe it. Hearing this tracks reminds me of our efforts, it is like if I had dedicated it to him even before he existed, and it fills me with joy.

How do you look back at 2020?
We will certainly remember 2020 as a very unfortunate year. In real life I am a doctor (yes, to some people it sounds a bit weird!) and even now I am still struggling a lot in my job. But my 2020 is also full of happiness. I can really say that I am optimistic for the future, both for me and for everyone: we will definitely get out of it.

What are your favorite releases of 2020?
I listened to a lot of music in last months. I will create a post in my accounts at the end of the year about my favorite 9 releases of 2020. I can tell you for now that I listened a lot to Droid Bishop’s ¨Music¨, Thought Beings ¨Neon Beach¨, Duett’s ¨Outline¨, Lucy in Disguise’s ¨Fantasy Beach¨.

Can you share some of your plans for next year?
I think I’ll take a break in 2021. In addition to the news that I have told you, I am planning to grow in my work as well, with new spaces and equipment. I will certainly continue to make music but at the moment, for the first time in my life, I don't already have a new album in mind before I release the previous one. I can't live without making music, so a new record will come out sooner or later anyway!

And finally, any last words to the synthwave community?
Hey guys, I can't wait for us to go see new concerts and shows dedicated to our favorite music. I hope to meet some of you soon! Our passion will never die.

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