dinsdag 15 december 2020

2020: De favoriete releases van Alpha Chrome Yayo

Het is december, de laatste maand van dit bizarre jaar. Een jaar om snel te vergeten zou je kunnen zeggen, maar gelukkig kende 2020 wel veel gave nieuwe synthwave releases. In deze special komen de favoriete releases voorbij van verschillende artiesten. We gaan verder met Alpha Chrome Yayo.

It's December, the last month of this bizarre year. You could say a year to forget, but luckily there were a lot of cool new synthwave releases. This special features the favorite releases of different artists. We go further with Alpha Chrome Yayo.

Alpha Chrome Yayo

Hi, I’m Alpha Chrome Yayo, purveyor of gonzo synth music, occult ambient and far out jazz.

Lemme tell ya, it’s been such a ridiculous year that I think anybody who has created something wonderful (be it music, visual art, or anything else) ought to be extraordinarily proud of their achievement.

And damn, I’ve personally bought hundreds of records that have helped me immeasurably in the past few months, and I’m super grateful to have them in my life. I couldn’t possibly list ‘em all - as much as I want to - so, in no particular order, here’s a hefty handful that I’ve found utterly exceptional.

Merry Christmas, I hope you check these out and love ‘em like I do.

Gab Manette - Making Waves
Bart Graft - First Abstract
Cat Temper - More Than A Feline
Winterquilt - O’discordia
MicroMatscenes - Back 2 School
This Ship Argo - Kintsugi
Bronster Bridge - Dissolve Into Sunset
Danny Madigan - Autumn
Full Eclipse - Survival II
Binaural Space - Fall of the Summer
Manhatten - Blue Sky Girl
GhostHost - Slasher Studios
The Less Dead - Liquid

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