maandag 14 december 2020

2020: De favoriete releases van Kemikziel

Het is december, de laatste maand van dit bizarre jaar. Een jaar om snel te vergeten zou je kunnen zeggen, maar gelukkig kende 2020 wel veel gave nieuwe synthwave releases. In deze special komen de favoriete releases voorbij van verschillende artiesten. We gaan verder met Kemikziel.

It's December, the last month of this bizarre year. You could say a year to forget, but luckily there were a lot of cool new synthwave releases. This special features the favorite releases of different artists. We go further with Kemikziel.


Void Stare - Zero One (January 2020)
Deep, gritty throat-singing lends an unexpected but more than welcome foundation of atmosphere to this dark cyberpunk adventure. One heck of a debut album!

Alpha Chrome Yayo - Choke (February 2020)
Chilling, spooky, and dark, this creepy album is worth every nightmare it potentially induces. The haunting melodies will creep into your subconscious and you'll find yourself humming them long after the last track ends.

Cat Temper - Feralyzed (April 2020)
Cat Temper's at it again with this album of rockin' synthwave packed with meowling melodies, the energy of a hundred cat puns, and cattitude for days. What more could one ask for?

Hypnogram - XIII (June 2020)
Dark, gritty, amazing Gameboy sounds! Hypnogram's creativity and technical ability never cease to impress me.

Jukio Kallio & Daniel Hagström - Fall Guys OST (July 2020)
A fun, crazy soundtrack to a fun, crazy game; both helped lift my spirits when I needed to forget about real world craziness this year.

Vault Kid - Where Are The Game Boys? EP (August 2020)
Cool, refreshing chip dance music that goes down easy. Such a wonderfully put together fusion of chiptune and dance styles, it feels like summer can last forever when I listen to this!

DEFENSE MECHANISM - Significant Anything, Superscience (August, September 2020)
Two awesome singles with infectious melodies that you'll find stuck in your head hours after hearing them. They have all the energy and intricacies DEFENSE MECHANISM is known for!

Virtual Intelligence - PAINSYNC (September 2020)
A deeply personal, vulnerable album, chronicling a true story of pain and self-discovery wrapped in raw, evolving Gothic synthwave.

dogsplusplus - Tree Songs 2 (October 2020)
The raddest tree songs since Tree Songs 1! Fun, vibin' chiptune, an album that's not to be missed!

Grant Kirkhope - Boo! (October 2020)
A small release from the master game composer Grant Kirkhope. This fun little album beautifully captures the fun, quirky, spooky spirit of Halloween!

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