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2020: De favoriete releases van HeartBeatHero

Het is december, de laatste maand van dit bizarre jaar. Een jaar om snel te vergeten zou je kunnen zeggen, maar gelukkig kende 2020 wel veel gave nieuwe synthwave releases. In deze special komen de favoriete releases voorbij van verschillende artiesten. We gaan verder met HeartBeatHero.

It's December, the last month of this bizarre year. You could say a year to forget, but luckily there were a lot of cool new synthwave releases. This special features the favorite releases of different artists. We go further with HeartBeatHero.


For those who do not know me yet. Hi! I am HeartBeatHero! A Dutch synthwave producer and podcaster who grew up as a kid in the United States from 1980 to 1989.

All the tracks below have been played on my podcast HeartBeatHero Radio.

I want to thank every single person in the scene that has welcomed me, listened to my music and podcast!
You are all wonderful!

And of course I'm am grateful for all these talented artists letting me play their tracks!

Here is my personal list of favorite tracks released in 2020.

Have fun checking them out!

HeartBeatHero Top 10 tracks of 2020

1. De Lorra - Vision
My favorite. I listen to it almost every day. This retro chillwave track is just amazing. Givin me all the right vibes.

They had an amazing Facebook live event using virtual reality when releasing this track. Slicing the blocks to the beat of his new track! It was amazing! I've seen these guys live.  They toured all over the world till the pandemic hit. Great light effects, live guitar and drums. Make sure to check them out when they are back on the road.

3. Perhopes - Cyberpunk
Aw yeah!!! Slammin 2020 Cyberpunk track by Perhopes. Well done sir!

4. Neuroc - Infobahn
I just love this track each time I hear it. Those effects sends chills down my spine. I was lucky enough to have him on the show and asked him a few questions.

And Robin Lights made a video for this track.

I love the elegance of this track. Even though it uses distortion. A master of the craft. Time to get down on the dance floor!

6. Joris Biesmans on Instagram Pac Man POV
This was a unique find. I was following Joris on Instagram for a while. Jealous of all his synths. And then he put out this awesome video of him pausing Pac Man and playing a track live. Very cool!

Joris Biesmans on Instagram Pac Man POV.

7. Holon - Eye Of The Storm
Another find on instagram. He was just posting it while it was a work in progress. I love it so much I asked when it would be done!

8. Sequenza - Vintage
Of course Ross made the list. An Irishman living in Spain created this marvelous track. Getting more and more into the synthwave vibe.

9. ZITH & Misanthropix - Machine Spirit
Oh yeah this is a banger! Time for some gritty darksynth! What a team! Time for some head bangin!

10. HeartBeatHero - Synthwaves
Yep. Last but not least I had to add one of my own tracks. And it is doing very well. People seem to enjoy the slow vibes of this synthwave track. Make sure to play it loud so your neighbours can enjoy it as well!

And of course a big shout out to Sander of for letting me make this list of 2020! Did you know he was on my podcast?

Check out his picks here!

Have a great day!
Daniel Barton a.k.a. HeartBeatHero

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