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Interview met Rocket Report

Het Britse duo Rocket Report zijn nieuwkomers in de synthwave scène. Hun eerste single Modigliani (Lost in Your Eyes), een cover van de Amerikaanse band Book of Love, werd uitgebracht in november. Aan het begin van een nieuw muzikaal avontuur wil ik jullie graag Jon en Mark introduceren binnen onze wereldwijde synthwave gemeenschap. Welkom Rocket Report! 

The British duo Rocket Report are newcomers to the synthwave scene. Their first single ¨Modigliani (Lost in Your Eyes)¨, a cover of the American band Book of Love, was released in November. At the beginning of a new musical adventure I would like to introduce Jon and Mark to our worldwide synthwave community. Welcome Rocket Report!

Rocket Report

Jon and Mark, can you please introduce yourself?
Jon: Hello. I was lucky enough to learn about meticulous music production from Paul Humphreys (of OMD) when I worked on his Onetwo project. I over analyse everything so it’s a field that suits me!

Mark: Hello. I’m big and cuddly and have worked as an engineer/producer/programmer and general music nuisance for longer than I probably should have.

Your first release is ¨Modigliani (Lost in Your Eyes)¨, a cover of the ´80s U.S. band Book of Love. Why did you choose to cover this song?
Mark: During a FaceTime call we both mentioned we loved “that melody” from “Planes, Trains & Automobiles”. Being in the UK, we were not familiar with Book Of Love, so we were delighted to discover the full song and hear their other work.

What are your plans for 2021?
Mark: Our album, Overmorrow, is ready to go. We’ll be working hard to get it heard. Then we’ll start making another - we can’t stop ourselves!

What are your favorite releases of 2020?
Jon: Tears For Fears - The Seeds of Love boxset, John Foxx & The Maths - Howl. 

Mark: John Foxx & The Maths - Howl, Michael Rother - Dreaming, Brian Eno - Film Music.

What do you like most about the ‘80s?
Jon: Depeche Mode, Atari ST, New Order, ZTT Records.

Mark: Atari ST, Blade Runner, Factory Records, Moonlighting.

And finally, any last words to the synthwave community?
Jon: Respect electricity!

Mark: Don’t stress - it’s only a kick drum.

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