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Interview met Baddon

Baddon is een synthwave producer uit Brazilië. Zijn muziek is een mix van synthwave en darksynth, waarbij ook de nodige inspiratie wordt gehaald uit de wondere wereld van de retro-videogames. Een producer die samen met anderen de synthwave scène in hun thuisland helpt vorm te geven. Een mooi moment om Baddon dus beter te leren kennen en verder te introduceren aan onze mondiale synthwave gemeenschap. Tijd voor een interview!

Baddon is a synthwave producer from Brazil. His music is a mix of synthwave and darksynth, also drawing inspiration from the wonderful world of retro videogames. A producer who, together with others, helps to shape the synthwave scene in their home country. A good time to get to know Baddon better and to introduce him further to our global synthwave community. Time for an interview!


Baddon, can you please introduce yourself?
I'm an independent music producer who loves music in general but specially electronic music.

Your new track ¨Nostromo¨ was released last month. What was the idea behind this track?
Well, Nostromo is the name of the spaceship from the movie "Alien". This track contains a strong spacey/dark retrofuturistic atmosphere, when I was producing it the feeling of the pads and synths brought me back to some of cosmic horrors of the ´80s and I felt that this track could fit very well in a movie like that. It also reminds me of being trapped inside a dark and huge spaceship lost in space, while trying to survive an impending doom.

Can you share some of your other plans for this year with us?
That's a good question. I'm not sure of my plans as a whole, but I feel that I want to keep experimenting and blending some different retro styles (´90s aesthetics mainly) and maybe produce some ambient works aswell.

You are an independent music creator combining cyberpunk aspects of synthwave and darksynth with the nostalgia of retro-games. What type of retro-games are you referring to?
Lots of games, varying from adventures/action/war games, like Megaman, Mario, Doom, Castlevania, Street Fighter, Sonic, Pacman. Also not so retro games like Duke Nukem, Half Life, Call of Duty 1 and many many many others...

Are you a big fan of retro-games and which games do you like to play?
I would not say I'm a big fan, I'm a casual player but when I was a kid I used to play a lot of games, like the ones mentioned on the previous question.

What are your musical influences?
Lots, honestly. The first ever electronic music I heard was "Out of Space" by The Prodigy back in the end of the ´90s. That day made me love electronic music even though I couldn't understand it properly as a kid. Growing up I had a very strong affection to folk music from the region in Brazil where I lived. I also grew up listening to lots of famous and classic ´80s songs, from artists like Michael Jackson and Elton John. Then I was introduced to rock and metal, first listening to some cliche names like Nirvana, System Of A Down and Linkin Park. Later I discovered some other cliches of metal like Iron Maiden (Which i'm a big fan), Metallica, Judas Priest (big fan too) and Rammstein. Those guys made me start playing guitar and learning all their songs which helped me a lot currently on my sense of melody. When I was 16 I discovered Nine Inch Nails, which is my all time favorite band (Hey, Trent!) and it is my biggest influence "outside" of "traditional" electronic music. Inside the electronic music as a whole I used to listen a lot of psy-trance (not anymore) and Hardstyle which made me a fan of Headhunterz and also some other more mainstream genres and artists like Skrillex, Tiësto and Deadmau5, those are my indirect influences. The direct ones are, firstly, Perturbator. I had the chance to know the synthwave genre back in 2016 with the track "Humans are such an easy prey" from Perturbator, which I fell in love with. Also I heard Dan Terminus (big influence) and, probably the most obvious and strong influence which people who listen to my stuff (if there are any, haha) might have suspected, is Mega Drive. It´s the sound I love in the synthwave scene. He makes the whole retrofuturistic universe sounds exactly like I ever imagined how it should be. Others also are Carpenter Brut, MasterBootRecords and my friend and my (sometimes) instructor, Misanthropix.

Can you tell us what equipment you are using for creating new music?
A notebook, a pair of headphones, a pair of audio monitors, currently Ableton (previously FL Studio) and just a bunch of vst's (I'm not a big fan of hoarding plugins) also most of them are free.

How is the synthwave scene in Brazil?
Well, I'm not sure, there are some events in some cities (state's capitals) and there are a lot of good producers here like Misanthropix, Francci, Flavio La Barre and Violation Drive. But unfortunately due to the pandemic I'm not sure of what's going on anymore. I also live in average city far away from the coast, where are those big cities and events.

What is your favorite movie of the ´80s and why?
I'm not sure, I like a lot of movies from the ´80s. The list is inconsistent, like "Platoon", "Rambo" (I know, it's cheesy), "Terminator" and props to "Alien" that is from 1979. Also others movies like Ghostbusters, Kickboxer, Blade Runner, Dirty Dancing, Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Scarface. The list is extensive and I can't remember some of them though.

And finally any last words to the synthwave community?
I would say that the synthwave community is a very good community with very good people and I would like it to be more open minded to different approaches inside the genre. Synthwave isn't only arpeggiated basses with snares with gated reverbs, haha. That's it.

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