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Interview met The Last Days of November

The Last Days of November is een nieuw muzikaal project van de Finse synthwave producer Driver86 en zangeres Olivia Zulke. In september brachten zijn hun eerste single Last Time uit. En met meer nog onderweg is dit een mooie eerste introductie aan de wereld. Tijd voor een interview!

The Last Days of November is a new musical project by Finnish synthwave producer Driver86 and singer Olivia Zulke. In September they released their first single Last Time. And with more to come, this is a nice first introduction to the world. Time for an interview!

The Last Days of November

Hey guys, can you please introduce yourself?
Olivia : I am a half French/British singer, I live in Paris. I come from a trip-hop background, but like to collaborate for various projects such as pop, rock and electronic in general.
Jani : I'm a synthwave producer from Finland and started making synthwave music back in 2017. Before that, I had different projects in rap music.

How did you meet each other?
Olivia : Jani contacted me in order to feature on one of his other projects. We immediately clicked and decided to do more together. The funny part is we’ve never actually met physically considering we don’t live in the same country.

On September 24th you released your first single track Last Time. What was the idea behind this track?
Jani : I wanted to make a very deep and melancholic song with touching lyrics and Abigail from Bunny X did a great job. This track basically started our band and we wanted to write different kinds of love songs, we wanted to tell stories about the dark side of love, obsession, jealousy etc...

A new single track is coming in the last days of November. What can you tell us about the new track?
Our latest single is called Dust in Slow Motion. It’s a song about the necessity of learning to be yourself and the need to let go of the things that stop you.

If we have a look at 2022, what are your plans for this new year?
In the beginning of 2022 we are going to release our debut album Haunted. We will later release our first cover song.

Besides your musical project The Last Days of November are you also working on new projects as a solo artist?
Olivia : I personally like to feature on various projects and stretch my musical backgrounds as much as I can. It allows me to constantly evolve as a singer. I’ve recently worked on a trip-hop project called Silent Birds.

Jani: My solo artist project is Driver86 and I produce synthwave/dreamwave music. I just released my third EP True Romance Part 2. I will now concentrate on this project and our debut album, Haunted.

What do you think about the current state of synthwave and where do you think it will be going?
We think the synthwave genre is evolving and becoming more and more popular and we think it’s a good thing.

As 2021 is coming to an end, what are some of your favorite releases from this year?
Jani: One of my favourite albums was the “Come True'' movie soundtrack from Electric Youth and Pilotpriest. Also the Bunny X album “Young & in Love” was just released and is great.
Olivia : I’m a huge Nine Inch Nails fan. This year’s first single was released and I can’t wait to listen to the rest of the album. I’m practically sure I will love it.

The Last Days of November - Last Time

Thank you very much for this interview! Do you have any last words to the synthwave community?
Thank you for the interview. If you guys like more melancholic, deeper and darker synthwave then remember to follow The Last Days of November and stay tuned for our debut album Haunted.

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