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Interview met Delta Wave 82

Op vrijdag 24 mei aanstaande komt de nieuwe single ¨Summer Breeze¨ van de Finse producer Delta Wave 82 uit op het Italiaanse label RetroReverbRecords. Het nummer is fantastisch en ademt de sfeer van vroegere zomers. Over deze single en zijn oudere werk lees je meer in dit interview.

On Friday, May 24, the new single ¨Summer Breeze¨ by the Finnish producer Delta Wave 82 will be released on the Italian label RetroReverbRecords. The song is fantastic and breathes the atmosphere of earlier summers. You can read more about this single and his older work in this interview.

Delta Wave 82

Can you please introduce yourself?
Hi, my name is Jussi Lahtinen AKA Delta Wave 82. I`m located in Finland and I compose versatile retro instrumentals. My musical style is a combination of 80's movie music and it also has elements of pop, funk and even hair metal. My debut album "Jungle Warfare" was released in 2019.  

Your latest track ¨Summer Breeze¨ will be released later this month on RetroReverbRecords. What was the idea behind the track?
Well Finnish winters are really cold and summers are really short. When the winter started to ease, I wanted to create something that would create a good and expectant feeling about the coming summer. On my last album, I made some pop songs and I wanted to continue on the same path, making an authentic sounding 80's pop song that would reflect memorable summer nights, hot sandy beaches and an overall good feeling.

Delta Wave 82 - Summer Breeze

Can you share some of your plans for this year for us?
Sure! I will probably continue my musical experimenting and either release a couple of singles or make an EP. I've been spinning a few ideas where genres like acid jazz, electro funk and french house turn into my own kind of 80´s soundscape. Let's see if I can make something cool out of those ideas.

When was your first encounter with synthwave music?
In the early 2000´s, I made 80´s-inspired music with a friend in his home studio. At that time, the term synthwave was unheard of, so I must have heard the term for the first time somewhere around 2015. Sometime in 2017, I heard the song Night Swim by Sunglasses Kid and started listening to retrowave and synthwave. In 2019, I decided to return to those early 2000´s good times and 8 months later I released my debut album. I was amazed how nice it was to make music like that again more than 15 years later.

Recently I have been listening to your last album ¨Synthetic Funk¨, which different styles mixed together I really like. What software/hardware did you use for this album?
Thank you for the kind words! I mainly use Arturia, BeatSkillz, Native Instruments and UJAM software. They provide a good variation of retro synth sounds and drums. I also have my old faithful Roland Juno Di synth, which I used on my first Delta Wave album. I didn't use any MIDI back then so I recorded everything in wav with Juno and my guitars.  

The synthwave scene in Finland is really strong with a lot of producers creating amazing music. How do you think it's going in your country?
I think the scene is doing very well here! Lots of good songs keep coming out and people go to see live events.
What do you like the most about a summer in Finland?
When I was younger, I liked summer festivals and hanging out on beaches. Nowadays, I like to spend time at a cabin in the middle of nature, where you can enjoy peace and quiet. Sauna, swimming, fishing and grilling provide the best escape from everyday life during the summer here.

And finally any last words to the synthwave community?
Thanks for all the support and keep the nostalgia alive! Synthfam is the best fam.  

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