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2019: De favoriete releases van Miles Matrix

Het is december, de laatste maand van het jaar. Nog even en 2020 gaat beginnen. Een mooi tijdstip om terug te kijken op een schitterend jaar vol gave nieuwe synthwave releases. In deze special komen de favoriete releases voorbij van verschillende artiesten. We gaan verder met Miles Matrix, een fantastische producer die de donkere randjes binnen de synthwave muziek opzoekt.

It´s December, the last month of the year. In a bit, 2020 will begin. A great time to look back on a wonderful year full of cool new synthwave releases. In this item we talk about the favorite 2019 releases of different artists. We go further with Miles Matrix, a fantastic producer who explores the dark edges of synthwave music.

Miles Matrix

Top Albums of 2019

Watch out for Snakes - Scars
In a year of awesome albums, this one was my personal favorite. I love Chiptune, and WOFS is one of the grand masters of this genre (a subgenre of Synthwave as much as a genre in its own right). An instant classic, no less.

Wolftron - The Arsenal of Destruction (Deluxe Edition)
Wolftron was one of the first artists I discovered and he pulled me into Synthwave. For this I am forever grateful. Even better: He re-released his classic record this year and it was easily one of the best Darksynth albums of 2019. Safe to say it aged well. Highly enjoyable and well produced.

Occams Laser - Occult 89
What d'you want me to say, I love Darksynth. In a year where the focus and affections of Synthwave reviewers seemed to shift to the vocal side of the genre, Occams Laser put out this amazing work, reinvigorating the darker instrumental persuasion. A really, really, really good album.

Eyeshadow 2600 FM - Supernatural (Single)
One of the most underrated artists in the scene, period. Traveling on the fringes of the Synthwave genre, Meryl meticulously weaves influences from it into her brand of industrial techno and trance. Supernatural is the first single from her upcoming album, and it promises to be a banger.

M.K. Khan - Blue Summer
Khan is one of my fav artists in the scene. He not only seems terribly nice as a person, he is extremely talented as well and continues to shell out high quality records. His albums are always perfect for multiple listens and it's no different with his latest outing.

Terrordyne - Rebirth
What really impressed me with Terrordyne's EP was how he mixed melancholy with an eerie atmosphere of dread. Had this one on repeat, plus it has one of the best artworks of 2019.

Xennon - Miami Cop
I'm a sucker for concept albums. Xen's Miami Cop is basically a synthwave musical, telling a story not only in concept but in actual lyricism. This can easily go sideways and induce cringe, but Xennon masters the challenge bravely. A really accomplished effort.

Powernerd - Far From Human
This just could be a new benchmark for Synthwave albums. Infectious songwriting, brilliant production and an impeccable mixdown / mastering. Add to this how much better it gets when after multiple listens you have a near-perfect synthwave album.

Levinsky - Electra Complex
An incredibly well-written and produced album of intellectual synthwave – and I mean this with highest admiration. This is far from mainstream – and still full of earworm quality. A rare mix, but Levinsky pulls it off. Levinsky is the scene's most learned Giallo connoisseur and it shows.

Sapphira Vee - Missing Pieces
An album that didn't get the recognition it deserved from amazingly talented vocalist and producer Sapphira Vee. Infusing the scene with her brand of industrial synth, she is a welcome addition to Synthwave, not only as an artist, but also as a really nice person.

Very, very honorable mentions aka close calls: Alpha Chrome Yayo - Komorebi, Street Cleaner - Annihilation, Von Kaiser - Landline, Dimi Kaye - Not holding back, HyprDrivr - Cold Heart (Single), Millennium Falck - Cyber Tom (Single) and many more, far too many too mention.

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