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Interview met Dana Jean Phoenix

Onlangs bracht de Canadese synthwave queen Dana Jean Phoenix haar nieuwe album ¨Megawave¨ uit. Een geweldig album wat zij samen maakte met de Oostenrijker Powernerd. Helaas is de Europese toer van Dana deze maand geannuleerd, maar is er wel goed nieuws te melden. Lees hierover en meer over de totstandkoming van ¨Megawave¨ in mijn tweede interview met Dana Jean Phoenix.

Canadian synthwave queen Dana Jean Phoenix recently released her new album "Megawave". A great album that she made together with Powernerd. Unfortunately, Dana's European tour has been canceled this month, but there is some good news to report. Read about this and more about the creation of "Megawave" in my second interview with Dana Jean Phoenix.

Dana Jean Phoenix

Hi Dana, this is my second interview with you. Thank you very much for this. How are you doing in these turbulent times?
Hey, thanks for having me back! It's certainly a unique time, but we’re proving just how adaptable and resilient we are. I'm happy to have some quality time to practice my keytar, Jareth.

Congratulations with your new album ¨Megawave¨. You made this album together with Powernerd. How was it to work on this project?
Thank you! The concept for working on a full album together came about at a live show we played in Vienna last year. Powernerd and I have always had a great energy working on previous songs and performing live together at some seriously hype shows, so it was exciting to explore an entire album and keep those good vibes going. Powernerd Paddy is such a wicked producer and musician and the album was an absolute blast to make. I've played several shows with Outland too and am so stoked that the album is released on their label, Outland Recordings.

Can you tell us something on the way this album was made, with a big ocean between two musicians?
As the song 'New Technology' on the album touches on, we live in an incredible time where the internet allows us to connect and exchange ideas with such ease. I think it's fair to say that Powernerd Paddy and I are both drawn to funk and disco vibes, so with that in mind, he would send over tracks, and I got to work on vocals, harmonies, and in some cases I would add a keyboard solo. Jan-Friedrich Conrad added his magic touch in the way of additional synths and solos to the songs 'Living Rent Free' and 'Sunrise Stance'.

Dana Jean Phoenix & Powernerd - MEGAWAVE

When we talk about the lyrics on ¨Megawave¨, what did inspired you writing these lyrics?
Themes of self-empowerment have always been an important aspect to my music, and it never hurts to add a few sci-fi twists! I've had the good fortune to tour Europe and the US twice, and I'm always inspired by the people I meet at shows and on my travels. It's important to be self-sufficient and independent, but ultimately it's those human connections that make us stronger. Appreciating those relationships and the people who have supported me over the years is a key source of inspiration.

What is your favorite song on ¨Megawave¨?
'New Technology' and 'Living Rent Free' are faves for me, especially lately, as they deal with themes of technology helping to keep relationships thriving and speaks to the need to stay positive and strong in a time where there can be a lot of negativity.

You were planning to do a new European tour this spring. Now with the Coronavirus gigs are being cancelled. Is there any news you maybe can share with us regarding a possible new tour later this year?
Yes! I'm looking to play Europe this coming fall - Vienna on Oct 15th and London on Oct 17th. I'm looking forward to sharing more announcements and dates in the coming weeks.

Lately I have been listening a lot to the album ¨Welcome to the Real World¨ by Mr. Mister. What music from the past is coming out of your speakers these days?
Nice! I love the song 'Broken Wings' from that album. Tears for Fears’ ‘The Seeds Of Love’ album is absolutely brilliant and I’ve had it on repeat a lot lately. Chuckii Booker’s ‘Niice ‘N Wiild’ album is such an underrated gem of pure funky jams with lethal bass lines and I’m glad it’s found its way back to my ears.

What do you wish for the world after this big health- and economic crisis?
I hope it offers a new perspective that small acts of kindness and understanding can go such a long way. It’ll be all the sweeter too when we can all come together for live shows and jam under one roof again.

You are a very important person in the synth world and you are a role model to many. What advice can you give young musicians?
Listen to your instincts, take risks, and try to tackle challenges that scare you. You’re totally capable and you learn more with every chance you take.

And finally, any last words to the synthwave community?
Stay Retro, Stay Safe, and thanks for supporting the album Megawave. I'm looking forward to getting back on the road and seeing everyone again!

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